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Mary Remillong

Watercolor Artist

(978) 618-1186

Art is my time machine. At my age, I have countless memories, but the clearest and richest are tied to creating something. 


I’m a 5 year old in kindergarten drawing a giraffe.

I’m in high school sketching a friend.


I’m in college pouring bronze for the first time.


I’m in art school practicing calligraphy.


I’m at home painting my young children.


I’m on a ship sketching my first glimpse of the coast of Greece.


I’m in my studio painting my granddaughter in her great great grandfather’s christening dress. 


Why are these memories so vivid? Because I saw them as an artist. I was present in the moment and what I saw moved me to make it indelible.

I’ve drawn since childhood and painted in oils since my teens, but when I took up watercolor seriously 25 years ago, it was a revelation. There’s a common perception that watercolor is a challenging medium because it’s difficult to correct your mistakes, but I’ve found it freeing to “go with the flow”. That’s a valuable lesson in life and in art. Just as it takes time and practice to move comfortably through life, practice leads me to my goal…to make a work appear free and effortless. If I can suggest rather than define the subject so that it leaves some mystery for the viewer to ponder and interpret, they can bring their own experience to the piece. It becomes a conversation between us. In this complicated and often combative world, art can generate a flow of ideas, bring insight into our common humanity, and keep us afloat on the seas of time and change.

Early studies: B.A. Studio Art, Mount Holyoke College; Graphic Design at Parsons School of Design; Life Drawing and Painting at the Art Students of New York

Watercolor studies: Several years of study with the late Tom Sutherland of Melrose, MA; numerous workshops with noted watercolor painters including Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet, ZL Feng, Iain Stewart, and Gary Tucker.

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